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The People of Saratoga Partnership

Tim Richter
Tim Richter
Owner, Saratoga Partnership

Tim Richter was raised on a farm in Howard County, Iowa.

After graduating from Riceville High School, Tim served three years in the US Army. After the army, he graduated with honors from ISU with a BS in Agronomy.

Tim and his brother, Randy, started farming in 1981.

They had a small cropping operation and a sow swine operation producing 3500+ finishing pigs per year.

Tim finished the Executive Program for Agricultural Producers (TEPAP) from Texas A&M in 1999.

Tim and his wife, Sue, have two children.

They are members of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, and Seed Savers.

If you'd like to speak with Tim about leasing your farmland, please call (563) 380-7744 or Contact Tim by Email.

Randy Richter
Randy Richter
Owner, Saratoga Partnership

Saratoga Partnership lost our beloved brother, Randy, in December of 2014.

Randy's wit, humor, generosity, and loving spirit are sorely missed by everyone at Saratoga Partnership.

Randy received his BS in Ag-Business in 1977. He earned his TEPAP from Texas A&M in 2009.

Randy is survived by his wife, Constance, and their three children.

He served on the Howard County Extension Council, the Howard-Winneshiek School Board, and the Howard County Natural Resources Conservation Board.

Randy was a member of St. Paul's Lutheran Church and the Lime Springs American Legion.

Jackson Dohlman
Jackson Dohlman
Partner, Saratoga Partnership

Jackson Dohlman was born and raised on a farm near Riceville, Iowa.

He's a 2003 ISU graduate with a bachelor's degree in Agricultural Studies and a minor in Agronomy.

Jackson worked as an agronomist and salesman at AgVantage FS, Inc. in New Hampton, IA for 2½ years.

In January of 2006, Jackson became a partner in Saratoga Partnership.

Jackson, his wife, Wendy, and their children are members of St. Paul's Maple Leaf Lutheran Church.

Please contact Jackson by phone at (641) 257-9999 or Contact Jackson by Email.

Wendy Dohlman
Wendy Dohlman
Data Entry / Payroll, Saratoga Partnership

Wendy was raised on a family farm in Saratoga, Iowa.

She graduated from Riceville High School in 1999 and Hawkeye Community College in 2002 with a degree in Dental Hygiene.

Wendy worked part time as a dental hygienist. In 2013, she started her position with Saratoga Partnership.

Contact Wendy by phone at (641) 220-4270 or Contact Wendy by Email.

Jeff Schlatter
Jeff Schlatter
Swine Production / Feed Mill Manager, Saratoga Partnership

Jeff manages the daily operations for Saratoga Partnership's swine production business, handles logistics and performs data entry duties.

He likes to spend time with family and friends and enjoys camping, fishing, hunting, and farming.

Jeff honed his farming skills growing up on his grandparents century Dairy farm.

He is a 1998 Crestwood Grad and has been employed at Saratoga Partnership since 2007.

Jeff was also a local Volunteer Fire Fighter from 2006 to 2013.

He is a member of St. Paul Maple Leaf Lutheran Church of Elma.

If you'd like to speak to Jeff about Saratoga Partnership's wean-to-finish swine operations, please call (563) 547-0094 or Contact Jeff by Email.

Angela Schlatter
Angela Schlatter
Nursery Production Technician, Saratoga Partnership

Angela joined Saratoga Partnership in September of 2013. She oversees the daily herd health of all Saratoga Partnership's Nursery pigs.

Angela enjoys spending time with family, going camping, bike rides, and being outside.

She grew up helping her dad with chores from bottle feeding calves to selling pigs before school.

I have been working for Saratoga Partnership September of 2013.

Angela is a member at St. Paul Maple Leaf Lutheran Church of Elma

Levi Sprung
Levi Sprung
Agronomist and Precision Technician, Saratoga Partnership

Levi assists in the planning and implementation of crop production and oversees the set-up of all equipment monitors and technology. He also manages all computer data and assists with building variable rate maps for seeding and nutrient application.

Levi's been with Saratoga Partnership since 2014.

He was raised on a family farm, graduated from Riceville High School in 2005, and obtained an Agronomy degree from the University of River Falls in 2008.

Levi worked as an agronomist at the local elevator for five years.

He has a strong passion for farming but when he's not farming, he enjoys fishing and riding motorcycles with his wife, Brooke.

If you have questions about Saratoga Partnership's crop operations, please Email Levi with your question.

Brooke Sprung
Brooke Sprung
Public Relations and Farming Operations, Saratoga Partnership

Brooke joined Saratoga Partnership in September of 2014 as public relations manager, social media manager, and equipment operator.

She grew up on a farm, graduated from Riceville High School in 2006, attended ISU for four years and obtained a degree in Agricultural Studies with a minor in Agronomy.

Brooke is an avid runner, horse lover and fisher.

For media relations or social media information, Call Brooke at (563) 203-0721 or Email Brooke today!

Brian Perzynski
Brian Perzynski
Crop Production Maintenance Supervisor, Saratoga Partnership

Brian has served as overall equipment maintenance supervisor for Saratoga Partnership since 2011.

He's in charge of the day-to-day maintenance operations and leads the maintenance staff.

Brian ensures each piece of equipment receives proper maintenance to help Saratoga Partnership's operations run efficiently and on time.

He was born and raised in Riceville, Iowa, and has been involved in farming all his life.

Besides Brian's passion for farming, he really enjoys spending time with his wife, Darla, and grandkids, riding motorcycles, and having fun.

Ivan Houser
Ivan Houser
Swine Maintenance and Crop Production Technician, Saratoga Partnership

Ivan joined Saratoga Partnership in September 2014.

He assists in the crop operations maintenance department, operates equipment, and leads the swine maintenance operations.

Prior to coming aboard Saratoga Partnership, Ivan was involved in dairy production for 17 years.

Ivan was born and raised in Riceville, Iowa. Ivan is married to wife, Lynette, and they have five children.

He enjoys spending time with family and friends and likes being outdoors.

David Richter
David Richter
Transportation / General Maintenance, Saratoga Partnership

David is responsible for hauling corn for the feed mill, mowing the hog building sites, and is a tillage operator in the spring and grain hauler and tillage operator during fall harvest time.

David has a love for anything to do with farming. He also has an off-the farm job 3 days a week at A & W/Long John Silver’s in Cresco where he keeps busy with cooking and maintenance duties.

When he isn’t helping on the farm or helping the guys at the shop you can find him driving around in his red Chevy visiting his friends at Mehmert’s, Bodensteiner Equipment and The Togie Pub.

Saratoga Partnership - Missouri

John Stegner
John Stegner
Crop Production and Maintenance Technician, Saratoga Partnership - Missouri

John joined Saratoga Partnership in September 2014.

He's responsible for assisting in the day-to-day operational activities on Saratoga Partnership's Missouri Farm.

John's duties include crop production machinery maintenance, operating farm equipment, irrigation management, and grain management.

Bobby Loyd
Bobby Loyd
Crops Operations Specialist, Saratoga Partnership - Missouri

Bobby Loyd is a life-long resident of Henry County, Missouri.

Bobby proudly served his country, doing a three-year tour in the Army.

He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Missouri farm that Saratoga Partnership bought in December 2012. Bobby has worked that farm since January 1981.

Bobby and his wife, Kathy, have two married sons and three granddaughters.

Contact Bobby by phone at (660) 238-0928.

People of Saratoga Partnership