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Wean-to-Finish Swine Production From Saratoga Partnership

Saratoga Partnership believes producing healthy hogs requires three things:

  1. Excellent health
  2. Correct environment
  3. Diligent monitoring of growth and nutrition

We specialize in industry certified practices that help ensure the health and safety of our pigs.

Saratoga Partnership's wean-to-finish swine production operation receives weaned pigs (10 to 15 pounds), raises them in a nursery for 5 weeks, then relocates them to a finisher where they stay the duration, reaching market weights around 280 to 290 pounds.

Saratoga Partnership takes full advantage of current research in the swine production industry. We utilize the latest technologies and innovations to insure our practices are on the leading edge of swine production best practices.

From vaccines, feed efficiencies, air quality, and building design, we strive to make our herd as healthy as possible to produce a quality product for our corporate partners and - ultimately - the people who consume our premium quality swine products.

About the author:

Tim Richter has been farming and raising custom wean-to-finish pigs for over four decades.

He has completed the Executive Program for Agricultural Producers (TEPAP) from Texas A&M.

If you'd like more information about leasing your farmland or our wean-to-finish swine production business, please call (563) 380-7744 or contact Tim directly by email.

Wean-to-Finish Hogs