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From Our Farm To Your Table - Sustainable Crop Production & Custom-Finished Swine

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We understand the concepts and benefits of sustainable agriculture. We use the latest technologies and best practices to ensure our farm operations benefit the communities we live in.

We believe sustainable agriculture requires four things:

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What do our customers say about Saratoga Partnership?

"Tim made me an offer I couldn't refuse!

He gave me a fair price and even paid part of the cost of tiling my land.

Tim takes excellent care of my land. He always gives us good advice on improvements and shows up himself to make sure outside contractors are doing the job correctly.

Tim's good to work with ... I have no complaints.”

-- Bill R., Howard County, Iowa

"Tim's made it possible for me to slow down and still keep making money from my land.

He does an excellent job of weed control. He's very careful about keeping the waterways clean. He never sprays through them.”

-- Marvin L., Howard County, IA

“If Tim has a good year, he shares the “bounty” ...

... I consider it a win-win relationship.”

-- T. Roberts, Chicago, IL

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