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Farm Tenancy & Stewardship

As tenants and stewards of your farmland, saratoga partnership will treat your property with care, concern, and respect.

We understand you want your land well-maintained and preserved. So we go the extra mile to make sure we treat your land exactly the way we treat ours ...

  • If your drainage system needs repair or maintenance, we'll pay for it (conditions apply),
  • We'll pattern-tile your land (conditions apply),
  • If we rent your out-buildings, we'll maintain and repair them,
  • We will personally supervise outside contractors to make sure the job gets done right.
  • ... and much more!

For instance, we will ...

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Leased Farmland Cropping Operation

Flexible Farmland Lease Agreements

Farm Consultants & Reports

To speak to us directly, please call (563) 380-7744
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About the author:

Tim Richter has been farming and raising custom wean-to-finish pigs for over four decades.

He has completed the Executive Program for Agricultural Producers (TEPAP) from Texas A&M.

If you'd like more information about leasing your farmland or our wean-to-finish swine production business, please call (563) 380-7744 or contact Tim directly by email.

Farm Tenancy & Stewardship