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Crop Farming & Swine Finishing Resources

Saratoga Partnership offers the following resources to encourage sustainable land use and humane livestock raising for the betterment of our industry.

Farm Crop Calculators and Info

Download the Farm Crop Calculators and Info in printable pdf format:

For more crop insurance information, check out our crop insurance video here .

Why Lease Your Farmland to Saratoga Partnership's Cash Lease Farm Cropping Operation?

Leasing your farmland to a reliable cropping and farm management operation takes the headache and worry out of farming while assuring you, your family, and your inheritors a steady, dependable income.

Besides the piece of mind and extra time you'll enjoy, renting your farmland will give you ...

  • A more stable income as price and yield risk are eliminated,
  • Flexible income schedules.

Plus ...

  • We shoulder all the price and yield risk so you don't have to,
  • You're free from managerial duties, production worries, and
    marketing decisions,
  • Never worry about large capital outlays again,
  • Eliminate or greatly reduce your cash expenditure,
  • If we have a good year, we'll pay you a bonus! (Click here for details) ...

... and that's just the short list!

Whether you're a Farmer thinking of transitioning into retirement ... a Widow, Widower, or Inheritor who needs help cropping the farm, ... or a Landowner or Investor in need of reliable, profitable farm property management, we'll work together to find a solution that's right for you.

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Leased Farmland Cropping Operation

Flexible Farmland Lease Agreements

Farm Tenancy & Stewardship

Farm Consultants & Reports

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